Fibrous Straps/Roses Recreation
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Fibrous Straps/Roses Recreation

Plastering Repairs
About This Project

This ceiling in Mosman had these beautiful period roses and straps throughout every room. You can imagine the stress when water damage threatens to take that away. In this case the area was brittle and budget was tight.
The solution was to recreate the detail by hand. Clients thrilled with the result.
There are a lot of beautiful older structures around filled with detailed features that may need some attention. Often is the case that these feature products are no longer available for replacement. Our skilled tradesmen will assess each feature to evaluate the best approach to restore the affected feature to glory. If the area is still structurally sound and a significant area has been damaged then the best approach may be to cast a new mould from the existing and have a new piece made. Our tradesman with utilise their skills to install the new piece in place.
In the event the existing damaged feature is too brittle to withstand the casting process or is simply too small to require the extra cost involved in the casting process, we can offer an alternate service.
Hand carving features out of plaster (mud) is a skill we are very proud to show off. Justin and the team are highly motivated toward perfection and will work their magic and their tools on the damaged area. Once completed you can inspect the perfect finish and enjoy your restored space.